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Laparoscopic Gastrojejunostomy

Gastrojejunostomy is a surgical procedure performed when the individual is suffering from stomach cancer causing obstructing in the passage of food in to the gut. The surgery is performed between the stomach and the proximal loop of the jejunum to drain the contents of the stomach or to provide a bypass for the gastric filling. Laparoscopic Gastrojejunostomy is a minimal invasive surgical procedure with few small incisions in the abdominal area. During the surgery a part of the small intestine known as the jejunum is opened and stitched or clipped on to the stomach wall to bypass the obstructed area of stomach.
Tumor in the stomach may grow and occupy major portion of the cavity and block food from leaving the stomach. Laparoscopic Gastrojejunostomy helps prevent this condition and is performed by attaching the jejunum to the upper part of the stomach. This allows the food to leave the stomach through the new bypass route.

Laparoscopic Gastrojejunostomy procedure

The surgeon initiates the procedure by administering a dose of general anesthesia to relax the pain and reduce the pain and discomfort during the procedure. The surgery is performed through 2 steps and includes:

  • Reduce the size of the stomach: the surgeon divides the stomach into small upper section and a larger bottom section using staples. The food consumed reaches the top section and is called as the pouch. It will be of the size of a walnut and thereby reduces the quantity of food consumed in a meal and leads to weight loss.
  • Reconnecting the stomach to the intestine: The surgeon next connects a small part of the small intestine (the jejunum) to a small hole in the upper portion of the stomach that is the pouch. The food consumed now travels through the pouch through the jejunum and enters the intestine.

During the laparoscopic gastrojejunostomy, the surgeon makes 2 or more incisions in the abdomen. A laparoscope is inserted through an incision to view enlarged clear images of the internal organs and abdominal cavity. More surgical tools are inserted through more incisions and the passage is rerouted. A main advantage of laparoscopic gastrojejunostomy is that it enables the patient to have shorter hospital stay and a faster recovery from the surgery. The patient experience less pain and discomfort and have minimal scars and low risk for rise of infections. The surgery takes around 2 to 4 hours.
After the laparoscopic gastrojejunostomy, the patient has to follow diet instruction provided by the doctor. This includes consuming oral fluids for few days post-surgery. When the gut adapts to the new connection, mild regular meals can be consumed in small quantity.
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