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Testimonial By sukku kassim

Author Name : sukku kassim

Date :2018-05-12 17:51:22

I was admitted to your hospital on 12th of July (thursday) my operation was done on the
same day and i got dicharged on 16th of July (monday)
The Guardian Angel Dr.PadmaKumar and his team of doctors took care of me with total care and warmth. He
took time to sitdown with me before and after the operation explaining to me the smallest of the details. He
helped me to go through the post operative days without any pain.
I whole heartedly congratulate Dr.HafeezRahman for building up a truly worldclass hospital with top priority to
comfort and care.
Sukku Kassim

Testimonial - Vivek vasu - after 1 month of surgery

Author Name : Vivek vasu

Date :2018-05-12 17:53:12

Hi Dr.Padma,
How are you? hope you are in pink of health.
Well i have lost 32 kg as of yesterday and love to loose more. My mom is coming to Kuwait
so i want you to add me more supplements of vitamins for
another 1 month and i don't mind continuing my liquid diet .
Doc, another favor, my wife is complaining that I become younger after the operation and
then she said she is looking older in front of me. Doc, is there any vitamins that you can
recommend to my wife to help here atleast to become younger on face too, 'coz she is
eating my head that why people told me that I looked younger this time after the operation
or she can have my vitamins too.
Waiting for reply.
Regards to you and your team.
God Bless you!

rema ravishankar

Author Name : rema ravishankar

Date :2018-05-12 17:55:09

Dear Doctor.....Iam so happy and excited to join back my school tomorrow. I fail to find proper words to thank
You for saving my life and for treating me... more than all, for tollerating me. Iam thanking You deep from my
heart. I see You next to God doctor... and Iam always praying for You to have these magical hands forever and
ever. May God be in You always. Please do convey my Thanks to Dr.Pai too.
Let music fill our hearts and let our lives be more melodious...!!!
With all my respects..Prayers...and Love,

abid al zadjali

Author Name : abid al zadjali

Date :2018-05-12 17:57:03

Dear Dr. Padmakumar
Hope this mail finds you and your family well and in good health.
I and my wife would like to update you on our progress post‐surgery. So far since November 2012 ll
date (approx. 2 months) I have lost 29 KGs and my wife has lost 20 KGs this had a huge posi ve
impact on our lives. I s ll remember the day of the surgery were a er only 6 hours I was able to walk
around. The recovery was really fast for both me and my wife, all praise and thanks goes to GOD and
YOU with your immense exper se and care.
As you were aware and due to my obesity I used to have a breathing machine to help me breath
while sleeping as I suffered from sleep apnea, and just a er surgery within FEW days (less than 5
days) I was no longer in need of the machine and it became just a history stacked away and kept in
the store never to be looked at again. I now sleep normally without suffoca on or snoring.
We also cannot forget the numerous mes we used to e‐mail you when we went back home and
your help in advising us on many queries and ques ons we had.
We just want to share our apprecia on for everything you have done for us. We have no regrets on
having done the surgery. We would definitely recommend this surgery to anyone we know and most
importantly we recommend it done by you only and no one else.
Finally from me and my wife we wish you and the family a happy and prosperous new year and God
bless you.
Warm Regards
Abid M Zadjali

Nancy D'Souza

Author Name : Nancy D'Souza

Date :2018-05-12 18:00:24

Dear Dr. Padmakumar and Sr. Feby,
Good Morning and Greetings. Happy National Day.
D octo r. I have to tell you that your smile is very soothing, healing and gives your patient a lot of comfort and
confidence in you. Thank you.
S ister . keep that a secret and don't be Jealous you are wonderful too and very helpful and I thank God for this
wonderful qualities in both of you.
Thank you Dr. and see you soon.
Abu Dhabi.

Feed Back from patient

Author Name : Vinu Nair

Date :2018-05-12 18:02:17

Hello Ms Vani
Thank you very much for your mail. I feel so comfortable and is very much happy with my life now. Last
week I had met Dr.Padmakumar here in Dubai. Things are really fine and is very well following the diet
given by you, my diabetes and hypertensions are now normal since the surgery and not taking any
medications for the same. Let me thank you and the whole sunrise group for giving me this new life. Now
my weight is 98.3 kgs where I was 126.2 kgs at the time of surgery on the 12 th of august 2013.
Once again I thank you all from the core of my heart.

Feedback on Thyroidectomy (Wajiha Qureshi)

Author Name : Wajiha Qureshi

Date :2018-05-12 18:03:43

Patient: Wajiha Qureshi
Age: 54
Nationality: Pakistani
Surgery: Laproscopic Thyroidectomy
I had been having a sore throat for at least a month. I noticed a tiny lump in my neck, which hurt a little when
touched. I went to a general physician at Zulekha Hospital who at once referred me to an E.N.T. Specialist. The
E.N.T. specialist found the ear nose and throat clear. He gave the scan to be done of the Thyroids. The result
showed a swelling in the left side of the Thyroid. I was asked to get an F.N.A.C test done.
The F.N.A.C. test result showed a Follicular Edenoma (benign) in the left side of the Thyroid glands. The doctor
advised me to get it removed. My first question was about the scar I would have on my neck after the operation.
My husband and I met up with Dr. Padmakumar who performed Thyroidectomy surgery on my Thyroids through
Dr. Vishwanathan, our family Physician.
Before I met Dr. Padmakumar, I was a little scared and apprehensive, but his confident and humerous personality
put me at ease at once. The best outcome of the meeting was when I found out that Dr. Padmakumar was going
to perform a Laproscopic (keyhole) Thyroidectomy, which meant no scars on my neck.
The surgery was scheduled for the 9th of March 2014, at 7 AM. The whole procedure took three and a half hours
under general anaesthesia.
The recovery was quite quick and I was sent home after a couple of days. There were a few incisions on my
chest covered by bandages which took little time to heal and would be covered by clothing. The exciting part was
that I had no scars on my neck.
I would highly recommend Laproscopic Thyroidectomy to all especially ladies as we are more vanity conscious,
and the recovery from the procedure is fast and effective.
In the end, I would like to thank Dr. Padmakumar for his skills and competencies, and for never allowing me to
feel uncomfortable or unsure during this whole process.

Best Regards,
Wajiha Qureshi.
+971 50 598 2680.

Laparoscopy Testimonial

Author Name : Shanker Nair

Date :2018-05-12 18:06:10

Dear Sir / Madam, I also record our deep appreciation to Dr Padmakumar and Dr Madhukara Pai, for their professionalism and excellent care extended to my wife during, before and after the laparoscopy conducted on her GB on 23 January 2014. Every time we met them, their smiling faces and their reassuring explanations made us secure, and my wife felt positive and happy. She is now back to her normal routine after the operation, and out and about; however will follow the doctors' advice on food and exercise. Will get myself checked up at our next visit, which will be in June. Shall let you know in good time.

Many thanks and Kind Regards

Shanker Nair

Sonny Oommen

Author Name : Sonny Oommen

Date :2018-05-12 18:08:25

Dear Dr. Padmakumar, Thank you for meeting us on the 23rd of May 2014 at the Sun Rise Hospital and we are glad that all test were conducted as per your instructions and we were able to leave the Hospital by 2.00PM. We will contact Jabeen in the coming days to fix up the appointments to meet with you in Dubai, could also discuss the details of the tests too. Julie and I were immensely impressed with the assistance and guidance we received from Ms. Supriya, the VIP Coordinator who was deputed for our assistance in Sun Rise Kochi. She has been been very very helpful and have managed and organized all these tests in a very professional manner, it was such a great feeling and wonderful experience in our God's Own Country. We were also shown the VIP rooms and would prefer to take the VIP room during our stay. Also would like to thank Dr. Paifor his timely assistance during our visit. I must say that we are very impressed with your team for giving us this feeling and will have no hesitation in recommending Sun Rise Kochi as our preferred Hospital. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm regards,

Sonny Oommen